Window cleaning in Cornwall

Window cleaning is our business and we are very proud of the results we achieve. Domestic properties offer a surprising amount of different types of windows and we clean them all.

The system we use is a long-reach pole and brushes, combined with water jets and good old fashioned know-how. We also clean windows with cloths and traditional elbow grease. This is especially useful on delicate lattice or multi-paned windows that might not stand up to modern water pressure systems.

We've been cleaning windows in Cornwall for over a decade so we know what to look for and how to handle different types of dirt and frames. Customers know we will advise them if we spot any maintenance that needs doing. Attention to detail is all part of our friendly window cleaning service.

If you would like us to quote for cleaning your windows please call or email. We will usually be able to quote over the phone if you can tell us how many windows you have and roughly how big they are. If you send us a photo we can quote from that too. Alternatively, we are happy to come and see you to talk through what you need.