Wall cleaning

Stained walls don't look good and can affect the value of your property. Staining can also provide a foothold for a build up of dirt and surface matter that contributes to the creation of render cracks, frost damage and wall damage in the long term.

In Cornwall, surface stains are often caused on particular builds of houses that have been rendered with material that reacts with local salt-laden air to create reddish pink streaks. These stains are easy to remove with pressure washing and a bleaching chemical. Results are great and it's very satisfying work for us and our customers! 

Wall stains also come from an algae build up in damp areas, or areas facing North with little or no sunlight. These wall stains tend to be green and black and can make outside areas seem dark and unkempt. Cleaning away this dirt brightens up walls and gives a new lease of life to outdoor areas. Often where walls are green and black, if there is a concrete floor that will be dark and slippery too. We can clean the floor and walls at the same time. It's cost effective to clean them both and the results always make it worthwhile.

If you have stained walls please get in touch for a quote. We will clean the wall with either pressure-washed pure water, or a bleaching agent. As professional cleaners, our bleaching agent is always applied carefully and we make sure that we cover any nearby plants or materials. We can bring your property back to life with a little bit of water and some know-how.

The same wall after cleaning - looking good!

The same wall after cleaning - looking good!