Solar panel cleaning in Cornwall by experts

Whether your panels are on your house, your business premises or on open land, we can clean them. Solar panels work best when they are clean but it's inevitable that grime, dirt and bird droppings will accumulate over time. As one of the most well established window cleaners in Cornwall, we've been at the forefront of solar panel cleaning. We use pure water and we know how to clean the panels properly, without using chemicals or causing damage.

Free quotes - whether a few solar panels or a solar park

If you'd like us to quote to clean your solar panels please get in touch. We will be able to quote over the phone, or by email if you are able to tell us how many panels you have, the area they cover and where they are located. Our simple, quick and reliable service will ensure you continue to benefit from the installation of your solar panels.

More information about solar panel efficiency and cleaning advice