Fascia and gutter cleaning

Fascias and gutters need special cleaning to get rid of the dirt and improve the way your house looks. Gutter cleaning is especially important as blocked gutters cause overflows which can result in damaged render and walls. Not to mention a nuisance of splashing water and run-off on paths. In Cornwall we have our fair share of rain, so it's best to keep guttering clear of obstructions and fascias clean. We clean guttering on the outside as well as within the  channel.

Guttering is usually plastic but we also clean traditional cast iron gutters. We use pressure water and a special tool, a 'gutter vacuum', to remove all the debris and dirt. 

gutter and fascia before cleaning
Guttering and fascia after we have cleaned and vacuumed

Guttering and fascia after we have cleaned and vacuumed

Free gutter surveys

We use a drone camera to survey gutters that we can't see easily from the ground. This free (and fun) survey of your gutter will show us whether there is any need to clean it. We also have a fixed camera mounted to an extension pole that we use when conditions aren't right for the drone. Sometimes a blocked gutter is caused by something simple, like a handful of leaves or a bit of slate. We can save you money by showing you the cause of the blockage, vacuuming it and avoiding unnecessary cleaning.